Vocal Rescue


A time tested blend of more than 10 different vocal restoring herbs. It has saved many from an embarrassing situation, when they found that their voice was not up to full function and the performance was a short time away. Vocal Rescue is an easy to use gargle that helps to coat and restore the throat and vocal cords due to excessive use, tiredness, and/or sore throat due to colds, laryngitis and tonsillitis. It’s effectiveness when used for throat and vocal repair is very promising.

Vocal Rescue is a must have item for the performer, presenter, professional speaker, teacher, lawyer or clergy. If you use your voice on a regular basis in the public sphere, this product may be a helpful solution to a raspy voice or tightened vocal cords. This concentrated blend of potentially restorative and invigorating herbs coats the vocal cords and throat helping to promote the healing properties to begin working immediately.