Immersive one-on-one with 6 months Mentorship – Donations Accepted


Are you a Caregiver? Are you ready to try a more organic, holistic approach to living life that matches your vibration? You are here. You are a Miracle. You have the Power to change your perception and mindset, every moment. Are you ready for a 6 month immersive holistic experience? Together let’s explore ways to help you find your recipe for vitality and for realigning to the frequencies that bring you more energy and joy.



The standard donation for this package has been

$3222 for the 6 month enrollment




  1. Immersive in-home in-person holistic planning – 3 days (grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking)
  2. Deep dive into chronic issues and concerns
  3. Identify toxicities and stress triggers
  4. Offer holistic replacements and solutions – exploring what offers alignment, inner peace and joy
  5. Holistic plan designed around your needs – Lifestyle, Meal Plans, Recipes
  6. Weekly follow up calls – 1 hour
  7. 3 emergency text as needed weekly
  8. Weekly plan adjustments as needed
  9. Chakra and energy clearing bi-weekly
  10. AOScan report emailed weekly – Resonance scan, frequency checkup and frequency alignment, biofeedback report with additional Color and Sound tuning
  11. Create your master schedule – 3 hours
  12. Access to I C.A.R.E. online journal for 1 year.