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Dawn Renee - Founder of Traveling Caregivers


Traveling Caregivers Ministries, SSM – a private faith based ministry empowering Self Love, Hope, Light, Music, Support, Resources, Recipes and Advocacy FOR CAREGIVERS and the chronically ill. 

All is Love, Love is All!


Reclaim your health, Your way.

Dawn Renee founder of Traveling Caregivers, an Energy Doula and Holistic caregiver who struggled for most of her life to understand the triggers and internal misalignments that were causing her to experience migraines, allergies, Endometriosis, autoimmune disorder, Diabetes II, Lyme, Epstein Bar, mold exposure, gallstones and chronic fatigue, found herself bedridden for 30 days.  When she was able to recover and stand again it became her soul’s mission to  share her passion and experiences in hopes to bring encouragement and healing to others.  She would spend the next 5 years holding space for the chronically ill mentoring them with holistic lifestyle choices to help them find their recipe to optimal wellness.


As a live-in holistic caregiver 24/7 for 7 years for a friend with ALS(MND or Lou Gherig’s Disease) she gained an intimate understanding of the daily energetic needs of being a caregiver which led to the creation of Traveling Caregivers.  She is now passionate about holding space and empowering caregivers to work with natural elements and holistic approaches to find their energy, overcome burnout and begin again. 

Dawn is creating a journal called I C.A.R.E. for herself it was a way  for her to map her truths  and find her superpowers.  She now offers this to her clients and workshops. She is a speaker, advocate and works at bringing awareness for Caregivers and the chronically ill, specifically neurodegenerative disorders like ALS/MND, Parkinsons, MS, Alzheimers and Dementia.


She brings a creative and innovative approach to caregiving and is passionate about Caring for the Caregiver.

top 7 steps for self care


For 7 years she was a live in caregiver caring for a friend with stage 4 ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Scloerosis (aka Lou Gherig’s disease).  Her friend was bedridden, on a ventilator, feeding tube, catheter requiring 24/7 care and support.  Navigating caregiving at whatever level you are needing can easily be one of the most challenging tasks you may experience.

Currently there are 54 million unpaid caregivers in the United States many of whom are just now trying to figure out how to manage their new challenges to living their lives while caring for a friend or loved one.   Traveling Caregivers was created to be a source of hope, encouragement, advocacy and resources for those seeking holistic solutions.

Creative Transformation

As a talented singer-songwriter she has appeared on multiple stages in venues across the country as an actor, solo performer, speaker and as, the husband and wife music duo, Dawn Loves Nash.   Through their partnership they have witnessed first hand how music is the universal language of love and a true pathway to transformational healing.

Over the past 15 years she has worked with the homeless at the Room in the Inn serving as an educator, healer and specialist.  Additionally, she has served as a hands on live-in rehabilitator for dogs with severe medical needs. Hosting multiple events and benefits aimed at bringing awareness to ALS, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and Homeless needs.

Co-creator at The Goddess Gram messages designed to empower and elevate the goddess within.

Her program “I-CARE” (a Self Care Handbook/Journal of YOU) a mindful program to Remembering Who You Are – .   The only person you need to happy with everyday in your life is you.  This journal takes you on a deeper dive into yourself and it just might help you find the YOU, you are looking for.

You can also find her as Holistic Coach and Mentor at   Elevation Central a mind and body retreat located in Mt Juliet, TN.


Dawn Renee

“Hi, I’m Dawn, an energy doula and holistic caregiver”. Becoming a caregiver started 12 years ago after healing and reversing my own chronic illness and traumas. 

For most of my life  my body expressed with alot of Pain and suffering.  Doctors ran tests and could never seem to help me find relief.  1 day I fell and could not get back up on my own two feet for 30 aays, I led in bed not sure if I’d ever get out of it again?  Is this it?  Is this the sum of my life?  My son was only 11 at the time and  I had just got married.  The only option left was complete surrender and with that my life forever changed course. I realized that if you truly wish to help others, you must put the air mask on yourself first and give yourself the care you are so willing to give to others.

My passion is to help Caregivers with a  source of Hope, Encouragement, Support, Advocacy and discovering a recipe for Holistic balance for each individual I mentor.  Balance is possible. You are possible.”  

Every second in the NOW is an opportunity to begin again – Dawn-Renee



I love to work one-on-one with carers to help uncover energetic blocks. Empathy combined with patience and active listening to tune in to the energy intuitively guides our path. I hold a safe space for caregivers to help them feel free to speak their truth.  I believe in a holistic mind body spirit approach that utilizes a variety of holistic modalities and practices with a focus on breathwork and mindfulness as ways to regenerate your energy, reset, restart and refocus.

I believe that our will is deeply connected to our vitality and I love helping carers reconnect to themselves through self care and self love.  It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself or anyone you care for.


24/7 Live in holisitic caregiver, energy doula practicing intuitive palliative care with an ALS patient for 7 years

Reiki Practitioner 7 years

Studied 2 years Nutritional Coaching with hands on practice with clients. Practicing now 12 years

Holistic lifestyle – intuitive, hands on practice backed by research and experience. 12 years.

Studied Mind Body and Belly – Ayurveda practicing 7 years

Essential oil alchemist – practicing 12 years

Herbal remedies and teas alchemist – practicing 12 years

2 years Holistic Tao

20 years yoga active practice

10 years shamanism

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