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Dawn Renee - Founder of Traveling Caregivers


Traveling Caregivers Ministries, SSM – a self-supporting faith based ministry.  Passionate about spreading love through music, empowering self love, soul care, hope, light,  respite, support, funding, resources, and advocacy for all caregivers and families living with ALS.

All is Love, Love is All!

Meet Dawn Renee

Begin Again - A Fresh Start

Dawn Renee, Minister and co-Founder is an energy doula and holistic caregiver who struggled most of her life to innerstand the triggers and internal misalignments  in her body, mind and spriit that were causing her to experience a system collapse (migraines, allergies, endometriosis, autoimmune disorder, Diabetes II, Lyme, Epstein bar, mold exposure, gallstones and chronic fatigue). She found herself bedridden for 30 days in 2010.  When she was able to recover and stand again it became her soul’s mission to  share her message of love, spirit, miracle healing and how becoming a caregiver of herself showed her a new path to living in joy.


top 7 steps for self care

Advocacy, Support, Resources

She was a live in caregiver caring for a friend with stage 4 ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Scloerosis (aka Lou Gherig’s disease).  Her friend was told she would not make it a week let alone 6 months, she was bedridden, paralyzed from the neck down, on a ventilator, feeding tube, catheter requiring 24/7 care and support.  With a holistic and spiritual approach the moments of now became the focus and she lived for 7 more years finding joyful moments every step of the way.

Navigating caregiving at whatever level you are at can easily be one of the most challenging tasks you may experience.  We are here to be your advocate, support and resource as you travel this path and recharge your spirit.

Currently there are 54 million unpaid caregivers in the United States and someone is diagnosed with ALS every 90 minutes,  many are just now trying to figure out how to manage their new challenges to living their lives fully while caring for a friend or loved one. Traveling Caregivers Ministries, SSM was created to help caregivers and families living with ALS find funding for caregivers, resources, and respite while caring for others.

Music, Charity & Community

As a talented singer-songwriter and vocalist she is called to share her voice on multiple stages and venues across the country as an actor, solo performer, speaker, music duo and band.

Dawn Loves Nash.  (aka co-founders of Traveling Caregivers) husband and wife duo, are traveling America expressing their messages of hope, love and faith.  Both on a mission to inspire others by sharing their soulful voices, lyrics, music, harmonies and partnership.   They have witnessed first hand how music is the language of love and a true pathway to transformational healing of the spirit.

Over the past 16 years the duo has volunteered to inspire the homeless at the Room in the Inn singing their songs and teaching a class weekly on songwriting.   They have served as hands on live-in rehabilitators for dogs with severe medical needs. Volunteered to transport and assist with the safe handling of rescue dogs.  They enjoy hosting and sharing their music at events and benefits aimed at bringing awareness and raising funds for Caregivers, ROCK ALS, ALS Association, Team Gleason, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, The Room in the Inn, humanitarian causes and  Animal rescue.


You are the miracle!!


Hi, I am Dawn-renee,

For most of my life my body expressed with alot of pain and suffering.  Doctors ran tests and could never seem to help me find relief.  1 day I fell from a gallstone attack to the floor in pain and could not get back up on my own two feet for 30 days.  I laid in bed not sure if I’d ever get out of it again riddled with physical system failure. My only option was surrender.  I surrendered, let go and let in faith!  A choice that changed my life forever.

Every second in the NOW is an opportunity to begin again -You are the miracle.




Energy doula / Holistic Caregiver / Mentor /​ ​Singer/Songwriter

Helping Caregivers find balance anchored in self love and faith.

To love thy​ ​self is to love ALL.
All is Love, Love is All!

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