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Dawn Renee - Founder of Traveling Caregivers


Traveling Caregivers, a grassroots hope-faith based organization, is bridging the gap between self care while navigating a multitude of Caregiving concerns with a holistic lifestyle and advocacy.   



Reclaim your health, Your way.

Dawn Renee founder of the Traveling Caregivers, a holistic caregiver, Reiki energy and Ayurvedic practitioner struggled for most of her life to understand the triggers that were causing her to experience migraines, allergies, Endometriosis, auto immune disorder, Diabetes II, Lyme, Epstein Bar, mold exposure, gallstones and chronic fatigue.  Over the past decade with a holistic nature based lifestyle approach she has devoted her life to uncovering ways to self care and healing her own disorders while holding space for others and helping them find their own recipe to self care, balance, healing, and hope. 

Dawn brings a creative and innovative approach to caregiving and is passionate about sharing her message of self care through her own personal caregiving experiences.    


For the last 6 years she has been a live in caregiver caring for a friend with stage 4 ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Scloerosis (aka Lou Gherig’s disease).  Her friend is bedridden, on a ventilator, feeding tube, catheter requiring 24/7 care and support.  Navigating caregiving at whatever level you are needing can easily be one of the most challenging tasks you may experience. 

Currently there are 54 million unpaid caregivers in the United States many of whom are just now trying to figure out how to manage their new challenges to living their lives while caring for a friend or loved one.   Traveling Caregivers was created as a way to bring light to caregivers, to be a source of hope, encouragement, advocacy and resources for those seeking holistic solutions.

Creative Transformation

As a talented singer-songwriter she has appeared on multiple stages in venues across the country as an actor, solo performer, speaker and as, the husband and wife music duo, Dawn Loves Nash.   Through their partnership they have witnessed first hand how music is the universal language of love and a true pathway to transformational healing. 

Over the past 15 years she has worked with the homeless at the Room in the Inn serving as an educator, healer and specialist.  Additionally, she has served as a hands on live-in rehabilitator for dogs with severe medical needs. Hosting multiple events and benefits aimed at bringing awareness to ALS, Alzheimer’s/Dementia and Homeless needs.

Co-creator at The Goddess Gram a box of gifts fit for a Goddess designed to empower and elevate the goddess within.

Writer and author  working on her first book “I-Care”  Waking the Caregiver inside – a Self Care Handbook/Journal expected to be released Winter of 2021.  

Dawn Renee

“Hi, I’m Dawn, a holistic caregiver. Becoming a caregiver started 10 years ago after healing and reversing my own chronic illness and traumas while caring for others. Thru my journey and experiences I realized that if you truly wish to help others, you must put the air mask on yourself first and give yourself the care you are so willing to give to others. My passion is to help others with a  source of Hope, encouragement, support and holistic balance while they discover balance is possible. You are possible.” – Dawn Renee

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